Silent Disco Rental in Seattle

When it comes to having an unforgettable night out or hosting an event that will set you apart from local competition, having a silent disco is always a great idea!

At Headphone Disco, we offer different packages for individuals, companies, and establishments regarding silent disco hire in Seattle. Create a night that everybody will remember and respect your nearby neighbors as you do so.

Our passion lies with exemplary customer service that allows us to create the ultimate silent disco experience. And we’ve been helping people organize these experiences up and down the nation for years.

2 Types of Hire Packages Available

There’s no ‘right’ way to get everything arranged when it comes to a good boogie. It all depends on your situation, circumstances, the resources you already have, and how we can assist you in getting that perfect silent disco planned.

A corporate event, for example, will have a different mood and feel to a Hen Party! But we take a great amount of pride in being flexible and accommodating with our packages.

Headphone Hire

Full Event Hire


Silent Disco Headphone Rental in Seattle

Then that’s absolutely fine! You can rent our wireless headphones easily without any of the optional extras we can facilitate. We know that some planners already have the lights, décor, DJ, and music sorted – and we are here to add the final piece to the puzzle.

We can send you the headphones with a step-by-step guide on setting everything up – you won’t even need our staff there. Of course, this guide is supported by a 24/7 tech team that can assist with any queries you may have.

Full Silent Disco Event Hire

We have the full rental package for those who need more than just the headphones. This package comes with everything you need to get the party started.

We supply everything you need for the event, from the DJ to the lighting, the décor, the staff, the headphones, and a plethora of other nice details to make your event the best it can be.

This option is great for folks that need the event organized but don’t have the time or resources on hand to make it happen.

silent-part-headphones party

Tailored Packages

But we also realize that many people who come to us may need only a few of the services we provide, rather than a full package or just the headphones. Maybe you need the staff and DJ, but not the décor or lighting?

We are very flexible when arranging a custom setup for a silent disco. Have a chat with us, and we’ll see what arrangement best suits your situation.

Silent Disco Rental Services Across the U.S.

Popular Locations That Love Our Silent Discos:

✔Las Vegas
✔San Antonio

✔Santa Barbara
✔Des Moines

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However, suppose you need some additional information about any of the services we provide for any reason. In that case, you can reach out to our customer service team, who are standing by, ready to help.

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